IOOS Modeling Task Team

Goals and Rationale

To address the challenges and recommendations from the IOOS Modeling and Analysis Workshop (2008), an IOOS Modeling Task Team was established by the IOOC.  The major goal was to develop a strategy to advance the modeling component of IOOS which was called for during the National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan


The IOOS Modeling Task Team developed a strategy, Advancing Coastal Ocean Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction for the US Integrated Ocean Observing System, to provide specific technical input for the IOOC, the U.S. IOOS Program Office, and the IOOS Association for advancing IOOS modeling capabilities over the next 5-8 years. Overall, the task teams planned the strategy to achieve the following goals: 

  • Identify Regional IOOS modeling activities which: 1) meet physical, hydrodynamic, and/or ecological forecasting requirements; 2) reflect IOOC, IOOS Program Office, and IOOS Association goals (especially those of particular interest to the RAs); and 3) establish the needed 2-way connections to end users and stakeholders.
  • Choose a select number of specific common [across RAs, federal and non-federal groups] model development challenges that are critical for advancing IOOS modeling capabilities, and recommend approaches and activities that are most needed to address these challenges and promote synergy and efficiencies amongst IOOS modeling communities.
  • Identify and prioritize short and long term activities (potentially pilot projects) to improve the ability of IOOS to provide coastal ocean model-based products and information in response to user needs.
  • Recommend means of making appropriate regional-scale models supported by IOOS® regions accessible by Federal efforts. 
  • Identify opportunities to coordinate Regional modeling activities with GODAE Oceanview and global ocean modeling development within the climate.
  • Identify specific executable projects that can be accomplished in the near-term (1-3 years), considering realistic funding scenarios.


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